"The free play of art is the result of mastery. " --Ernst Fischer, The Necessity of Art

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." --Ladybird Johnson

"...a well-trained ear, a well-trained intelligence, a well-trained heart, and a well-trained hand...." --Zoltan Kodaly


Resources: TED talk

Have you heard this  TED talk yet?  It's intriguing.

Charles Limb is  a surgeon and a musician who studies how the brain operates when musicians play.  He says that creativity is a neurological process that can be--and will be, even more intensively over the next ten years---studied from a brain-based viewpoint.   He uses a special MRI machine that measures blood flow in the brain to track the creative flow  while jazz musicians improvise, and while rappers perform.   Amazing stuff.
It's totally absorbing.  I want to listen to it again...

16 minutes--listen, here.

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