"The free play of art is the result of mastery. " --Ernst Fischer, The Necessity of Art

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." --Ladybird Johnson

"...a well-trained ear, a well-trained intelligence, a well-trained heart, and a well-trained hand...." --Zoltan Kodaly


Daily Life, 50

Second Grade, right after lunch. (It was around 90 degrees in my cafeteria 'classroom' today--despite the fact that we had a dusting of snow about two weeks ago...)

Me OK! Would you all rather start our puppet show, or sing some songs first?

Kids It's hot.

Me Yep. So would you rather start working on the show, or just sing?

Kids It's really hot.

Me Mmhmm. Which would be more fun for you, working on the show, or singing, right now?

Kids It was hot out on the playground. It's hot in here.

Me You are so right. But we still need to decide, puppets or singing?

Kids I'm tired...It's hot...I'm all sticky from sweating so much...It's hot...

Me Hmm....once upon a time,

Magic. Instant attention. Those 4 words never fail. (And, of course, we finished the story, just in case you were wondering...)

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