"The free play of art is the result of mastery. " --Ernst Fischer, The Necessity of Art

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." --Ladybird Johnson

"...a well-trained ear, a well-trained intelligence, a well-trained heart, and a well-trained hand...." --Zoltan Kodaly


Reality: Poetry for Kids

Talking with my students about--and being introduced to--imaginary friends...reminded me of my big brother Joey, who had three imaginary friends during childhood.

Since one of our other topics was poetry and song lyrics, it seemed appropriate to post, this weekend, the story of Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan--Joey's longlost friends.  Here it is, written (by me) when those friends had not been away yet, for very long...

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan

 Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan
slept beside Joey's bed.

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan--
"My best friends", Joey said.

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan
followed Joey's feet...
up the stairs and down the stairs, and
up  and down the street.

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan
went exploring with Joey each day.
They conquered the yard, and sunk a few ships,
and turned  the bathtub into a bay.

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan
could hide in the dark or the light.
Why else could Mommy not see them,
when they're standing so plainly in sight?

Gonieony, Geengy, and PanPan
ran off to Wewash when Joey turned ten.
They liked it so much, they stayed for a while---
but he still sees them, now and again.
---Karla, 1980s

Not great poetry, I know---more, just a bit of fun for a Saturday morning.

See you tomorrow.


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